A dreamer- but I see most of my dreams with open eyes. An innovator- but my best ideas come in the toilet. Since the time I realized that entrepreneurship is in my blood and my bones, I am on a lifelong journey. A journey where I made mistakes then learnt, I failed then grew. I started my company from what you call a ‘zero’, so I understand your struggles and your disappointments. Because I spent half a dozen years of my life dreaming about my dream company and then making it a reality, I can help your business too- I know you’ve just taken off.
Come join me in my journey of trials and tribulations and most importantly learning. When I am not busy speaking and writing on entrepreneurship and online marketing, I am helping businesses grow their page views and get more eyeballs to their websites, and when I am not doing either of these, I work as an AVP in 3Fox Digital for my bread and butter.